Monday, August 30, 2010

Likes and Dislikes

Like: School
Dislike: Calculus.
Like: Girls
Dislike: Dating Games.
Like: wolframalpha helps me with Calculus
Dislike: Calculus.
Like: Blogging
Dislike: Taking the time to blog.
Like: Blue Gummy Sharks
Dislike: That I can only buy Blue Gummy Sharks in AZ.
Like: Friends who buy me multicolored Gummy Sharks (see fig.1)
Dislike: I ate them all.
Like: All my wonderful friends, no matter if they buy me food or not
Dislike: I can't seem to find any of my friends.
Like: I'm not married
Dislike: I'm not married.
Like: I'm not married
Dislike: All my friends are married.
Like: Electronics that help me
Dislike: Electronics that don't work.
Like: My XBOX 360
Dislike: My XBOX 360 doesn't work.
Like: My wonderfully, comfortable bed (If you've never sat or laid in my bed, you are missing out)
Dislike: I don't have enough time to sleep in it.
Like: I don't have to worry about a job, just friends and school
Dislike: I have minimal income.
Like: I have very minimal expenses
Dislike: I have very minimal financial responsibilities.
Like: The weather is finally cooling off
Dislike: I still am procrastinating installing my sub/amp in my car because it's too hot.
Like: I'm not married
Dislike: I'm not in any relationship.
Like: The Tightrope (see fig.2)
Dislike: That I can't yet do the Tightrope.
Like: Embedding YouTube videos
Dislike: "Embedding disabled by request."
Like: Outsmarting YouTube
Dislike: Right clicking a YouTube Video, and selecting, "copy embed html"
Like: Friends like Matthew Quayle, who can cheer me up
Dislike: Being not so cheery in the first place.
Like: Cute girl(s) in my Physics Class
Dislike: Physics Class/Everyone else in Physics class.
Like: Writing in blogs, surfing the web, lurking on Facebook, etc.
Dislike: loosing sleep.
Like: Like + Dislike Lists
Dislike: Figuring out a way to stop writing.

Love: People who read on my blogs. :)
Love: People who comment on my blogs. :)
Love: People who subscribe to my blogs. :)



Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wow, really? Over a month with no post? What have I been up to?!

My life is great. Because my name is NATE!

I guess I have been really lazy/busy in my life lately, and haven't had the time to blog. What the hayyk?

Considering that I just finished my first week of full-time college, I think a blog is well deserved/required.

I went onto my blogger page today, after have been neglecting it, as mentioned above, and I see that I have had 262 new people visit my page! Wow, I didn't even know that many people even liked talking to me in person, let alone reading about my boring life. Better news, at least 90 of them have returned (or one person, potentially a stalker, has returned 90 times) So, nevertheless me being absent from the blogger world, I have felt missed. :)

So, my first week of school has been as follows:

I'm not sure what I was so excited about...

I arrive at MCC a half hour early - after finding a parking spot.
My goal this year is to never be late to a class. Can I do it?
9:00 AM: Macroeconomic Principals with Greg Pratt. Easy class, psychotic teacher. I believe I am going to love him.
10:00 AM: Calculus II with Adam Avilez. Insanely difficult class. Nice teacher though; someone willing to help you out. I left this class with the conclusion that I am in the wrong math class, that I am insane, and I should maybe switch my major?
11:00 AM: University Physics I. This is the tougher Physics class, the one that requires Calc I as a pre-requisite. I meet two guys in this class who were both in my math class. Yay for nerd buddies!
1:00 PM: I get out of school, and head to work. :/

10:00 AM: Calc II again. I am seriously scared that I will fail this class. (I end up doing 4 hours of hw that night, and 6 on Wed night) I was CONVINCED that Calculus was created by the Devil himself, and that it couldn't actually be done, it's just a way to make smart people feel dumb. :( (yes, that is my first ever real sad face ever posted in my blogs)
11:00 AM: Institute. So, I have never officially taken institute before. I've gone to a few classes, to try and impress the ladies, which didn't work... But I am enrolled in New Testament with Brother Richardson. And he's awesome! Really, you should sign up if you haven't yet. :)
12:00 PM: Free lunch at Institute! Yay! Who loves Chili?
Nothing better than chili on a 110* Arizona August Day! (and yes, it was FREE!)
1:00PM Intro to Computer Science (CSC100AB) It's basically a C++ programming class. Seemed simple enough.

Only Econ and Physics. I was LUCKY enough to sit by a cute girl in BOTH of those classes! How do we Tucker's do it? I'm still trying to figure it out. ;)

Same as Tuesday, but no free lunch provided by the Institute (but my packed sandwich was eaten at the institute building. Does that count?)
I actually understood what was going on in my calc class! I left feeling on top of the world! Hoorah! Calc must not be a spawn of the devil! (Or I must be turning into the devil.)

Friday: (Today! hehe =D )
Same as Monday! With even MORE cute girls, and LESS stress about Calculus!

I survived my

*My first week ever as a full-time college student. :)

I love school!

On a side note, I love Lauren Pulsipher Whiting (as a friend, you sicko!)
On another side note, I have some funny friends.
You should watch their video.