Saturday, December 18, 2010

I love my job

So today, I was just working in the Express Zone.

(It's where you just go to buy something quick - no need to meet with a Specialist to learn about the product if you already know what you want)

So, three people came up to me, knowing that they already wanted a MacBook Pro with the 320 GB HDD...

The specs aren't relevant...

Anyways, I am just saying... I didn't spend time helping them pick out a computer, I just helped them pay for it and pick a few add-ons.

Oh, BTW, this MBP was for a boy, who is turning 18 next week, for his birthday/Christmas present. (The two people with him were his parents)

So... After helping him set up his One-to-One membership, we had already developed a relationship/friendship.

When we were finished, they gave me hugs, and he was super excited to come in and start learning how to be a Mac expert.

Basically, this is why I love my job.

We get to develop friendships with our customers. We make people owners. We make them excited to become part of the Apple Family.

I love my job.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I have a new ambition

Call it an awakening.

Call it a mission.

Call it something I love doing. A love. A gift. It's something I'm good at.

After speaking at my ward's summit retreat last month, I realized that I didn't really like what I was doing with my life. Well, it's not that I didn't like being friends with everyone, playing a lot, working even more, and studying EVEN MORE on top of that...

it's just, well... I needed a change.

I wanted to actually do something with my life that I wanted to do. Something that I loved to do. I had first chosen my major of Electrical Engineering because I love electronics. Duh! Everyone knows that, lol.

But I then discovered that loving electronics, and loving the calculus and physics behind designing electronics are two very different traits someone can have.

So, I was trying to do a lot of "soul searching" - trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

And then, as I was standing on the stage, giving my different lectures throughout that hour, pacing back and forth, teaching people...


I wanted to do what I love more than anything else.

I wanted to talk.

(Yes, here come the jokes about how we can never get Nate to stop talking, he he)

But seriously. I realized that A) The number one fear that people have is public speaking.
Should I enjoy speaking in front of a crowd?
B) I also realized (after many people told me) I was good at it.

If I love doing something, and I am good at it... (and most people cannot even stand to do it) isn't that what I should do?

So I've decided to change majors. I haven't yet decided what I should change it to, but I need to find a major that will help me to do what I do.

I really want to become a motivational speaker.

I've thought about it. All the good motivational speakers are good at speaking, good looking, and have overcome something.
I think I fall in that category... (if not, I'm at least batting a .660+ batting average, right?)

So, I write you, my beloved fans (haha) for two reasons. First, is to let you know that this is what I want to do. (which is obviously a way of getting your approval/disapproval)
and second, to ask for your help.

I know that many of you think you're just like me, and you don't really know anyone special, anyone famous, or anyone important... but then again, if you're like me, you can think really hard, and find that one person who you know, who can help.

How can you help me, (including knowing someone, asking a favor, helping a friend, etc) to achieve my goal and become a motivational speaker?

I know that I can help people. I know that I can motivate people to rise above and take life by the (insert object that you grab life by here:____)

I know I cannot do this alone. You have all helped me become the wonderful person I am today. I have already done wonderful things in my life. Now, with even more help, I can now help others.

Please contact me if you have any way you can help me to do this.

Thank you so much.

I know I cannot change the entire world, but I can change some of the people in it. For them, I will try.

P.S. It's late. I didn't remember already writing a post with half of this stuff... Oh well, enjoy. :)