Sunday, January 30, 2011

7 days... 5 things

What are five things I could not live without?

1) My Car. I use it to get around. I drive to school. I drive to work. I drive to the store. I drive to meet friends. I can't ride a bike or skateboard, so I must drive to get anywhere. This definitely makes it interesting when I need repairs done on my car (which I currently need done) because I cannot live a day without being able to go anywhere. Anyone have a spare car they could lend me? (Or be able to drive me around for a day or two?)

2) My iPhone. This is my life. Not because I'm addicted to texting, or talking on the phone, but just because it does everything for me.
Here a just a few wonderful things it does:
Takes stunning pictures
Safari (internet)
Plants Vs Zombies
Email (all my emails, all in one folder... gmail, mobileme, school email, etc.)
Records HD Video :)
Angry Birds

ok, you get the point. I love my iPhone. Oh, and it's worked better than any other phone I've ever had.

3) MacBook Air.
I love my little baby computer. It does everything that my MacBook does, but it only weighs 2 pounds. It is a Nate-sized computer, with Arnold-sized power. (good analogy?) I generally refer to it as my MBA, or MB Air. I love this thing.

4) Movies.
I just love watching movies. I love watching movies with friends, with women, (with dates? Do I date?) with family, and with myself. Today my brother Jimmy said, I think for Nate, there are two categories that movies fall under. Movies he doesn't like, and his favorite movies. (He said this because I said to my parents that RED might now be one of my favorite action-comedy movies) But it's true. I do love movies. Many movies become my favorite movies. There are movies I don't like, and there are many, but I still watch movies, because there are so many good, happy, awesome ones out there!

5) My Friends.
Do I really need to explain why? Basically the only reasons why I need my favorites #1-4 is to be with friends. I think I have the best friends ever. (mainly because I have 1+) I am always looking for new friends though, so if you are in need, send me your resume. (just kidding... sorta... I am picky - not really. I can be your friend)

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  1. I already read this post in February. Put something fresh up!


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