Sunday, January 23, 2011


Day 5: Favorite Quote

The quote that I probably say the most, is one I learned on my mission while at the MTC.

"Any excuse for underperformance, no matter how valid, always weakens the character."

Sometimes, we think we have valid excuses, or "reasons" for not doing a job, or showing up late, or not being the person we can be. Sometimes we make up reasons for not making the best moral decisions. Other times we may come up with justifications for not doing OUR best, even if it may be someone else' "best".
We can always do better, and we shouldn't ever use excuses, rather made-up or not, because when we do, we weaken our character.

Let u not be weak. Let us be strong. -Nate Tucker

(yes, I just quoted myself. It's my second favorite quote.)

-Nate Tucker

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