Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Six = kiss

Today is day 6, which means that 1) I am a few days behind, and 2) Today's topic is "A Moment You Wish You Could Relive"

I indeed have a moment, just like most people have, but mine isn't because I did something I regret, it's because I loved the moment so much, I would love to relive it again. (and again?)

I have contemplated whether or not to share this moment with the internet world wide audience that I have (dream on, Nate). It is a wonderful moment in my life that I would love to relive. This is a story about a girl woman whom I shared some of my greatest memories with. Some may say I'm still in love with her. I definitely still love her. Am I in love? Who knows? She lives in a different state now, and is married.

I don't want to relive this moment to change something - to give me another chance. It's not that at all. I just had such a wonderful moment with her, I want to relive it again.

Make Sense?

So, after that nice explanation,
here's the story...

It was a year ago, and I had just returned from serving a very honorable mission for the LDS Church.

I started dating my best friend. I did this for a couple reasons. First, she was a babe. Second, we got along like best friends should, and third, she was about to move to Texas, which is so far away from here.

Since the word "moment" is vague, for example, if someone says they'll be back in a moment, and they come back in 5 seconds, you'd be fine. Also, if they came back in 5 minutes instead of 5 seconds, you wouldn't complain, saying, "Hey, you said you'd be back in a moment" because that really is also a moment of time.

Alright, after that little side-note, and my attempt to explain my definition of moment, I want to relive that moment in my life.

From the moment that she first held my hand. It was during a movie at her cousin's house. I don't even remember the movie. I didn't care what the movie was. I wasn't watching it anymore.

The first time we kissed.
It was only a few days later. At my house. Watching a movie with her sister and my brother. I actually remember the movie this time. Benny and June. It was the best "first kiss with a girl" I've ever had. (I haven't had too many, but still, it tops the list)

Then there was the time she randomly showed up at my house, a couple days later. I've had plenty of women do that, and even plenty of guys... Sometimes they've been unwanted. But with her, once again, it was different. Maybe it's just because love was in the air... or maybe it's because for once, I felt the same feelings reciprocated toward me. Who knows?

The last day of the moment was the night before she had to leave to Texas. We just stayed up the entire night talking at her house. We talked about life, our past, our future, and just who we were at that time. We shared secrets with each other. We might've kissed a little. (A lot?) But mainly, we just stayed up all night on that couch of hers, talking through the night.

The next day at church was pretty rough. I was able to stay awake for the first part, but after that I was out. so I made Derek and Savannah take me home. (They were the ones who had brought me there - I owned a car, but carpooling saves the planet)

A couple weeks later, we broke up. When I say "we", I mainly mean she broke it off. lol. I'm not one of those guys who say it was mutual when it wasn't. But like I said earlier in the post, I don't regret that she did, it's been the best for both of us. Women are just smarter than us guys, so since she was a woman, she knew it was the best, before I could see it.

Alright, so now that you've read my moment that I wish I could relive, why don't you all share a moment with me? If you already have a blog post of it, just post your link, and I'll read it. If it's short, just post it in a comment - but if not, go ahead and write a blog post. :)

I'm sure there are other moments I could relive, but that's the only one that I would actually like to go back and live again - rather than try to fix, and change my life. My life is good as it is. No need to change the past, only the future.

Have a wonderful day.


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